25 January 2010

New York, New York!

End Day 4 of Shinedown Tour.

I'm sitting in the hotel lobby in Secaucus, NJ, debating on what I want to do tomorrow in the New York City! We had a great show the other night at the Nokia Theatre in near Times Square and I had a chance to walk around a little bit then but there's still so much of the city that I don't know about or don't have time to get to that I'm feeling quite overwhelmed with it all! I think what I have decided to do is try to see two museums and have some food in Chinatown. I think that's about all the time i will have as well as much money I'll want to spend tomorrow.

We've been having an interesting time so far on this tour. This is my first secular tour and the first major difference is basically kindness. There's just a lack of kindness in the people that are out on the road in the secular world and a part of me is afraid that is what's going to wear me down on this tour. Some guys are extremely nice and others, their whole goal on the road is the old saying "sex, drugs and rock and roll." I thankfully haven't seen any of the first one, i've smelt enough of the second one and we're all trying to accomplish the third one. I'm hoping to keep it that way!

So... that's my update for now! I'm gonna try and find out some info about tomorrow!