07 August 2009

Good Intentions

I've often discovered that I have the best intentions for things that start and often I follow through. But other things slip through the cracks and end up being the "inbetween" and never ever make it to the other side. This blog, along with a few others i have out there, sadly became the inbetween.

Life has been interesting lately which is the reason why i'm trying to fish the words out so I can start writing again. There use to be something so therapeutic about sitting down to a blank sheet of paper, a white screen, a napkin, anything that was write-on-able and start crankin out the thoughts. Yeah, not so much lately. I don't know if it's God's way of saying, "hey... i need a little more attention here" or just the words are gone... but with as many things going on like they have been... it's time to try and write for a little bit, even if it is forced.

We're in full summer tour swing here in the Skillet camp. It's been a busy one, so far, with lots of amazing shows to tell the kids about and new experiences to keep me going. We've gotten to play for a lot of fun crowds and do some really unique things this tour. The two major things that happened this summer are the addition of big ribbon lifts that elevate us up to about twenty three feet head height and a lot more pyrotechnics. Last year we had the pyro and it was insane getting used to playing with it. This year it felt a bit more normal even though it's still will never be normal telling people about it. Alas, this is my job, trying to explain to people that i play for a rockband. "Right... sure you do" is what i'm sure most of them think.

I really hope to keep this up and to make more use out of this blog. I use to be an avid blogger over on Xanga but sadly it has fallen to the wayside and collected dust. I hope i'm not paying for that still! I have to find a way to get all of those posts off of there! There were a lot of good entries!

If you do read this and you follow me, encourage me to write about something! As many things that are going on in my life, i should be able to verbalize it and share it with folks.

For now... here's a clip from open mic night with Bethany. Hope you enjoy!!

Me from Jonathan Chu on Vimeo.


Kristie said...

yay for more blogs!

i do miss reading your blogs... you always shared something comical, wise, exciting or even instructional (nike shoe ipod thingy to my friend barry! hehe!).

keep writing mr chu... ;o)

Amy said...

Love this song.

Danica/Dream said...

Yes I'm finally catching up. Love this!