16 December 2009

My Love/Hate Relationship

I'm in this fling right now... it's a bad one. It's an on again/off again thing and I really need to decided which way i want it to go... Blogging, you're so good to me... and bad to me!

I don't know why i get into those ruts where i just don't want to sit down and blog at all. I try often to come up with something to make me interested in writing and posting but they always backfire on me. For example, SOC shots has to make a come back... i know that it's definitely something i want to do often but haven't stopped to do it! Well.. maybe i'll do one now. But hopefully as the year comes to an end and the new one crests i will nurture this relationship!



The original - SOC shot

Bethany and Eliza original

The edit
Bethany and Eliza edit

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