01 May 2013

This Guy

says hello and thank you for all your continued prayers and support.

Sitting by his side right now, talking about what he's feeling and experiencing. He's cognitively aware of where he is, what he's going through and what has happened thus far. He was extubated in the wee hours of this morning and the nurse that I spoke with said he started out in full conversation with them. He's moving his limbs well and actually sat in a chair today with the help of the PT. This afternoon he had his chest tube removed and was fed a decent lunch by my mom and brother.

We're continually amazed at this progress and are grateful to you all for your prayers but also to the miracle of modern medicine. I do believe this is a way God answers our prayers because without these advancements and practices by gifted medical personal, lives would not be saved.

Prayer Requests
1. Continue to gain strength
2. For no residual infection in the heart.
3. No more clots or potential stroke

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