30 April 2013

We're Not Out Of The Woods, But At Least We're Still In It.

Stole the quote from my wife.

Dad's out of surgery and in the ICU in recovery.  The surgeon was quite pleased with the way that the procedure went with few complications.  The valve itself was 98% functional so he did a repair rather than a replacement.  He said that the part that was infected wasn't as large as initially thought.  He cleared the part that was infected out and stitched the part of the valve that was torn.  He said part of the concern was that a section of the vegetated heart was missing and was floating/lodged around in the body somewhere.  It happened sometime between the previous TEE scan a week ago and the TEE scan they performed before the surgery today.  He doesn't believe that it went to his head because we would have seen some sign in his cognitive state.  He is concerned with the stitched area that it might become infected but with as many antibiotics that they are treating with the surgeon feels that it should be ok.  They are trying to figure out where his infection is stemming from because the part that he cleaned out didn't seem like it should have been causing the high temperature.

And now we will continue to walk through this journey in the woods and see what comes next.

Prayer Petitions

  1. Discovery of the infection and treatment of it.
  2. Continued weaning off of ventilator and extubated.
  3. Continued watch of bleeding and possible signs of a stroke, post surgery.
Thank you all for standing in the gap and praying for my dad.  The calm that has been with us has been incredible.

From before...
  1. No excessive bleeding. Dad has a strong reaction to heparin (blood thinner), which is necessary since his blood will leave his body and move through a machine and then back in to his body again. 
  2. No throwing clots. Because the blood is leaving the body there is a much higher chance that it could clot and cause a stroke.
  3. No broken off vegetative pieces of heart. This will act like a clot and cause a stroke as well.
  4. No bleeding in the brain. The neurologist said that he feels that the previous stroke area won't be an issue for the surgery.

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