24 April 2013

Hope Will Lead Us On

Another dear group of friends, the Barlows of BarlowGirl wrote,

"So lift up your eyes

Cause we're not forgotten
And hope will lead us on
Oh we pray for the dawn
and we reach for the mornin'
And hope will lead us on"

Today dad had his TEE scan early in the morning, much before we were expecting otherwise I would have posted something about praying for it but sometimes that's the way things go at the hospital.  Take it when you get a chance.  

Unfortunately, the results that we were hoping and praying that it would not be, is the answer. There is vegetation of dad's mitral valve which means it's his heart that is infected.  This is a more concrete answer but now most of the paths that we choose, now have some negative outcome.  As much as we want to be hopeful and we will be, having surgery on his heart leads very heavily in to having another stroke because of the blood thinners that he will have to go on.  If we don't do anything at all, the vegetation that has already started, could begin to fall off and cause another stroke.  The hematologist is wanting to see from the ID doctor whether there might be a way to treat the heart infection without having to do the surgery, in hopes of sparing him to go in to surgery.  Also, his valve is swinging so violently, the hematologist believes this is why his blood count continues to be dropping and his need for more blood is present.  The valve is bursting the healthy blood cells as it regurgitates around in the left side of the heart.  

He did get two more units of blood (for those of you who donate, thank you. thank you. I'll be making my trip to donate soon so please keep going.)  He also got some physical therapy today and through their assessment, will continue to come help him with some rehab.  He was struggling to see properly today, he was trying to explain how the clock on the wall was missing things and he couldn't tell what time it was.  He was also having some strange mumblings and visions before we left for the night. A long grey haired Scottish Terrier was sitting on the counter at one point but dad quickly said that was a dream.  We're not sure what those moments were about but hope they subside.

I didn't get to speak to any of the caridac docs today but hope to see one tomorrow or at least the ID doc to get an idea of how bad the vegetation/infection is in his heart.  

There's not much more to tell today, mostly because I don't have the information.

Prayer Requests
  1. Proper treatment for his heart infection.
  2. For vegetation of the heart to NOT break down and fall in to the blood stream
  3. If surgery is decided upon, for there to be minimal collateral damage.
  4. Wisdom for my mom in choosing the best health options for my dad.
Thank you again to so many of you who have commented or written.  We appreciate all your prayers and thoughts.

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