30 April 2013

The Calm Before The Storm

The road has been slow and steady since my last post and that's a good thing with the current state of health for dad.  The less changes, the better because it means that his heart is staying steady.

Since my last post:
  1. We were told that the surgeon had wanted to take my dad asap to the operating room to repair his heart.  My mom was uncomfortable with that because my brother had gone back to his home and it would take a day for him to get back to us.  So the surgery was postponed until Tues (04.30.13)
  2. During his stay in the CVStepDown, dad had a small spell where his heart rate, blood pressure and temp all went down (brady episode and hypothermic) and was moved back upstairs to ICU.
  3. He decided that just to mix things up, he'd convert himself back in to sinus rhythm again and has currently kept it for the past day.  This is a good thing but doesn't mean the surgery doesn't still have to happen, it's just a good sign that his heart is working properly right now and any little positives are good.  
This is a short and sweet post because tomorrow holds a lot in store.

Around 1pm tomorrow (04.30) my dad will have his heart surgery.  We would be honored if you would pray for all the people that will be involved in the procedure because it is a complicated one.

Prayer Petitions:
  1. No excessive bleeding. Dad has a strong reaction to heparin (blood thinner), which is necessary since his blood will leave his body and move through a machine and then back in to his body again.
  2. No throwing clots. Because the blood is leaving the body there is a much higher chance that it could clot and cause a stroke.
  3. No broken off vegetative pieces of heart. This will act like a clot and cause a stroke as well.
  4. No bleeding in the brain. The neurologist said that he feels that the previous stroke area won't be an issue for the surgery.
Thank you all again and we are so grateful for you all.

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