01 September 2009

SOC Shots

I've decided to start a series of posts called "SOC Shots." SOC Shots aren't going to be pictures of smelly accessories that we put on to help give our feet an extra morale boost but rather these shots are going to be pictures straight out of the camera - SOC!

I wanted to start these, hopefully, frequent posts so that I can become a better photographer. Most photographers take their shots, process them in Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture, give them a polished look and post/print them which turns out amazing photographs and award winning art. I will post my versions of those shots as time goes along as well.. but i want to
hone my skills to a point where I can present to you an image that doesn't need extra help, but rather is simply displayable all on it's own. Unhindered goodness!! So! Without further adieu!

My first SOC Shots!


Tess said...

Well, I'm impressed!

I am knit together said...

beautiful! who needs editing software when you take shots like that! Plus, when you have such an adorable subject (the little grey one) it's easier to get a good shot :)