19 March 2011

03.19 Update

(by Bethany from http://iamknittogether.blogspot.com)
Well the best laid plans of mice and ophthalmologists...

Penny didn't have her procedure yesterday as we had thought, but it may be for the best after all.  When the retina team didn't come yesterday we had the nurse contact the ophthalmologist who was very helpful in making sure everything was taken care of.  The retinal surgery fellow came to see Penny this morning and called to explain the procedure in great detail and also to confirm that there would be no danger in waiting until Monday.  So that's the plan.  At 830 Monday morning I'll be there to sign the consent form and be there when they're finished to comfort my sweet Penny.  The nurse showed me the needle they would be using for the shot and it was the size of one strand of hair. Tiniest thing ever.

Jonathan has gone now for this tour.  It was a tough trip to the airport but the Lord has been faithful to give us his strength thus far and He'll continue to do so I'm sure.  Thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement.  Please don't stop!

Specific Prayer

  • Penny's eyes to do well until Monday and for the procedure to be successful
  • Lydia to continue to do well
  • Jonathan and me as we adjust

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Beth said...

Hello Bethany!

I pop over and see the progress the girls are making once every two to three days. My heart hurts for you as I think about the time your husband will be gone. My boyfriend first told me of the "chuplicates" sometime last year and I got hooked on the blog.

My boyfriend and I saw Skillet in Nashville in December. I remember telling him then that I'd gladly forfeit the chance to see Skillet if it meant that Jonathan could be home with you. If I were in your spot, I'd want my husband at home.

It is my prayer you have peace and support while you wait for the next seven weeks to pass. May there be no complications, emergencies, or other bumps in the road.