03 March 2011

3.3 Update

Penny - 1500 g!!! (that's 3 lbs 5 oz)  Lydia - bigger every second

Well I heard somewhere that the prayers of a righteous man avails much, so I'd like to know which one of you is righteous...because our prayers are being answered!

Jonathan wrote yesterday about Penny's scary spot on her arm and her symptoms that seemed to point to infection. They drew plenty of labs to run plenty of tests and  so far (knocking on Jonathan's noggin) they are showing nothing of concern.  The culture from the spot on her arm came back as having staph aureus which is normal skin bacteria and after it was cleaned out to be cultured, it has been looking better.  The good news is that she won't get her first big pimple on her forehead on her first date.  She's still having some trouble with her breathing and keeping her sats up when she's being messed with.  She's also been unable to take a bottle again because of her breathing.  With her increased feedings (going in her NG tube) she's been gaining weight though so that is excellent news.  I can't wait to get there this afternoon and see if I can tell that she's gotten bigger!

Lydia was snoozing away in the Moby wrap while I typed but now she's getting hungry and letting me know.  She and I had a photoshoot this morning.  She's wearing some newborn sized clothes now and most of the preemie outfits we have! Can you believe it?!?!  She's still on the NICU 3 hr feeding schedule and everything else is going smoothly.  It just fills my heart with joy to be able to do the things for her that a mother should.  It also fills my heart with gratitude when my mom, Jonathan's mom, or Jonathan do them so I can get a little extra sleep!  We have been blessed beyond measure and we're proud of it...mostly because we did absolutely nothing to earn it!

Specific Prayer

  • Penelope's sweet little lungs to mature, heal, and work properly
  • Penelope's first pimple to go away soon (it's embarrassing for her, you know)
  • Penelope to continue to gain weight
  • Lydia to continue doing well, gain weight, and grow!
This is from a week or so ago but I just thought it was adorable...Lydia with her MahMah

 Lydia and YehYeh...she's working on getting him wrapped around her finger already

 Lydia and her Nana

 Lydia sporting a fancy new (only slightly big on her for the moment) outfit. She has the matching blanket too...and the hat...and the bib...she's just too cool for me. None of my clothes match!

Lydia and Uncle Matt

 Lydia and Aunt Sam

 Lydia Snoozin

 This is Penny-Bunny...she hangs out with Lydia when Penny is away

 This is Lydi-Lamb. She hangs out with Penny while Lydia is away

 Penny snoozin too

 A little bit of Penny's eyes..even if she looks a bit afraid of her armboard

 Now the armboard is hilarious!

L-diddy rockin the headband

 "oh I know I'm cute, you don't have to tell me"

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