14 March 2011

Photo Bomb 3.13

I figure since my range of motion is limited to putting my hands straight out in front of me, and I can't hold my baby, at least I have some time now to post some pictures of my sweet girls to make myself and you all smile.  Silver lining people...it's all about the silver lining!

Mrs Amber visiting her little buddy
Penelope playing peep-eye

Penelope's snuggle time with MahMah

Penny the Poser

Uncle Matt getting his baby fix with Lydia

Aunt Sam slaving away while Uncle Matt held Lydia...typical

Aunt Shelli feeding Lydia

Penelope's foot got grounded for kicking at her daddy

Penny was having a talk with her bear in sheep's clothing while her bodyguard Panda Pal watches over her and her Lydi-Lamb whispers in her ear....think she's got enough stuffed animals?

reminding Eliza that she'll always be our favorite "dog"-ter

Mommy and Lydi

Daddy and Lydi

I mean really....how cute is this

there's just too much cuteness

Sweet Penny being coy....pretty girl...still working on her bilirubin

Penny wrapping herself around daddy's finger...it's mutual

And last but not least...Lydia's ballerina outfit. And I said I didn't want lots of pink clothes...who was I kidding?!?!

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Andrea said...

Ballerina outfit is my most favorite!!