28 December 2010

12.28 Evening Update

Penny's cardiologist, Dr. Joshi, came and assessed her current situation. He believes, while looking at the echo, her overall internal heart structure looks good. The concern lies within the PDA and the way that it is currently pumping the blood. Her PDA, being so open now because of her medicine, is causing some diastolic run off and making the diagnosis on the coarctation difficult so in order to see it more clearly, they have stopped the prostaglandins. This hopefully will also cease the apnea the episodes that she has been dealing with since last night. She has had a few episodes since the medicine stopped but the nurse believes that it was the last little bit that was flushed in to her system. Dr. Joshi believes that it will take anywhere from 24-48 hours for the PDA to get small enough to see what's really going on.

Our prayer request for tonight is that Penny will begin to flush out the prostaglandins and that the PDA will begin to close and that her aorta will be responding in a way that they can make a proper diagnosis.

We are grasping on to as much as we can scribble and keep in our heads so hold on with us! We're riding this ride the best we can!

The Chu's

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