31 December 2010

Urgent Update

Today was a rough day for Penny. Somehow sometime this afternoon, Penny's blood glucose levels shot up to an astronomical 1948 glucose count. A normal number should be around the low 100's and an unusual high is around 200. It has baffled doctors and nurses alike, all saying they've never seen a glucose number that high anywhere let alone a preemie. They're concerned with possible neurological side affects that this might have caused which only long term time will tell. The on call doctor said that when they started noticing the climbing level they thought they might be messing up a lab because it was rising so fast so they began taking tests more frequently along with beginning to dose her with insulin. The endocrinologist said that because they started to give her the insulin quickly that he believe there should be little to no harm done but again, only time will tell. Her numbers are dropping as we speak but can only be brought down at a rate of 100 pts per hour. she's currently at 630 so we have a long night ahead to get her back to 100.

Our prayer tonight, that amazing work be done in Penny's brain, that God has protected her from harm from this crazy spike and that the source of the situation would be found and resolved.

What a crazy way to start the new year but alas we are here.

Happy New Year from Le Bonheur NICU.


Doug said...

Happy New Year's guys! Praying for you and the new family in the new year man! ---Doug Chin

Mary said...