28 December 2010

Le Bonheur

I'll never forget the view of the Memphis skyline right now.

We've officially settled in to Le Bonheur, one of Memphis' finest hospitals for children and we can't be more amazed by our surroundings. The building we are in is about as new as our little Penny and we are so thankful to be under the care of these medical personel. Currently, Penelope is resting in her cozy super high tech Giraffe bed. She looks so tiny in her big ole bed, sort of spaceshipish.

They're going to be watching her over the next days and weeks. Dr. Krishnan came by after we had been in for a bit and said she is looking really good and that their long term hopes might be that the PDA might just grow up with her but that really only takes time. So as it stands we will have one daughter here and the other at The Pavilion. Although we don't see the repercussions right now between them, we feel the stress of having them separated. We feel so strongly to having them together in the same room but because Le Bonheur is a specialized hospital for children Lydia probably won't be kept here with her sister. We're going to keep pushing to see about having both of them in the same room though but for now... we'll make the drive together to see both girls until Bethany can drive again.

I should rest so we can meet the cardiovascular doctors in the morning.

Le Bonheur NICU out.

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