30 December 2010

12.29 Update (by Bethany)

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What a lovely day!  It was yucky outside but it's be sunshining in my heart.  Last night we went home to sleep in our beds after a day with Penelope and an evening with Lydia.  Both having some apnea issues but doing relatively well.  This morning we woke up rested and headed to Methodist Germantown to see Lydia.  When I called Lebonheur to check on Penelope it was a good report.  Improving apnea (low respiratory rate) and bradycardia (low heartrate) episodes and super great oxygen saturation (she's on the bubble CPAP still and only on 21% oxygen which is room air) and still adorable (we knew that).

The girls are 1 week old today which is extremely exciting for me.  That also means that Lydia's Umbilical Line had to be pulled because they only last a week before there is a danger of infection.  So she got a PICC line (peripherally inserted central catheter) just like Penny!  Then she had an echo....so she was pretty tired.  Her nurse Jennifer gave us the glorious news that with her UAC out we could hold her and start doing Kangaroo Care!!  For those who don't know, Kangaroo Care is when the mommy holds a preemie baby skin to skin and there are many many benefits.  It helps regulate the baby's temp, respiration, and heartrate.  It encourages the mother's milk to produce just what the baby needs.  It helps with bonding.  It puts the baby in a deep recouperative sleep that helps them to grow.  Most importantly, it's just the medicine the doctor ordered for a mommy who's been looking at her babies all week and longing to hold them close!!!!

I was so giddy before we started I could hardly contain myself!  I can't even BEGIN to describe the feeling that went through me when Jennifer put her on my chest for the first time.  I just can't describe it so I won't even try.  One thing is for sure, I'll never forget it.  I got to kiss her little head and feel her heartbeat against my skin.....it was so beautiful!  They way God meant for it to be.  Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely grateful for the medical technology my girls are benefiting from at the moment, but there's something so sweet about the simple joy of holding your child.  This is not news to anyone, but it sure was new for me!

Jonathan had the chance to hold her after we finished our little moment and had his own epiphany of emotion.  It was so sweet to watch him hold her for the first time and promise he would always hold her if she wanted him to.  Hearing those words from his father's heart reminded me of how blessed I am to have an earthly daddy who promises the same for me.  These girls have no idea how good they'll have it with a daddy like they have! To be loved well by your earthly father makes it so much easier to accept the infinitely greater love of the Heavenly Father.  They'll have a head start!

Ok...gush over...for now.  It's time for me to try to get some rest here in Penny's room at Lebonheur.  She's doing really well and is even more adorable than yesterday.  Her nurse Nancy is very open to letting us be hands on and that makes our time here feel like we're making a difference for Penny.  When she's crying and flailing and we put our hands on her and she immediately relaxes and goes back to sleep....that makes the heart happy.  So in summary.....it's been a good day.

Now for some pictures...I know that's really the only reason you guys check the blog ;)

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Greg and Jenn said...

This is my favorite post because the happiness on your faces when holding Lydia is priceless. You guys are amazing and I am thankful that you are showing God's love through all of the difficult times.