11 February 2011

02.09 Update

(by Bethany from http://iamknittogether.blogspot.com)

Phew...that corner took a while to turn but here we are.  Both of our precious babies have stepped up their games and we couldn't be more proud of them!

Penelope is doing exceptionally well on her high flow canula (the clear tube under her nose) and is very much enjoying her freedom to move around.  Earlier today we found her trying to crawl to the top of her incubator!  She's got her energy back and has been showing us with little fits and lots of crying.  The most beautiful sound to our ears after a month of not hearing anything from her. Her color is looking better and they'll be checking her bilirubin levels in the morning.  The doctor here decided to hold off on the ultrasound for her back until she's bigger.  The reason is that for this kind of ultrasound she would have to be taken down to the machine and having just been extubated she's still a little too sensitive for that.  Obviously if there is a problem it's not impeding her mobility at all (see aforementioned crawling) and when the doctor examined her she didn't seem to have any malformations internally with her spine.  So, today has been quiet.  Except for more crying...welcome crying.

Lydia made history today.  She took her first full feeding form a bottle!!!  I think it's her daddy's excellent bottle feeding skills, but she claims its because she's a big girl.  It was a whole 31 ccs which is just over 1 oz.  I think that would be equivalent to me eating a 2 lb hamburger (don't check my math..either it's way off, or you'll know how much I weigh).  We expect she'll tip 4 lbs tonight.  She was put on baby prevacid for her reflux and it seems to be helping a bit. You'd have heartburn too if you ate a 2 lb hamburger!  She also has been trying to escape her incubator more often.  I think Penny actually picked it up from her.  Multiple times we've found Lydia with her hands on the portholes of the bed. I think we might be in trouble.

As for us, we're doing very well.  Today was my last day to work for this school year.  It's a strange feeling.  It was especially strange that it ended up being a half day because of the snow.  Just one more little bonus blessing from the Lord.  I wish I could have held on to my gratitude to the school board a little longer, but when trying to drop off my paperwork for leave time, I had a little "run in" at the board.  Nothing major, but I did get snappy with the poor lady who had to deal with me.  Apparently it's policy that the doctor is supposed to fill out the paperwork.  Nowhere on the paper did it say that.  When the lady asked me who had changed the leave start date, I told her honestly that I did.  She told me that I couldn't write on the form myself and that I had to take another form and have the doctor fill it out again.  I can't imagine what my face looked like.  She told me that it's not written on the paper but I'm suppose to know what the policy is.  I was very tempted to just say, "oh, I'm sorry I was wrong before.  The doctor wrote that" I mean what were they going to do, have the handwriting analyzed?!  But no, the Holy Spirit tied my tongue and all I said was "The doctor signed what I filled out to say that they approve what I had written.  Doctors do it all the time.  They're too busy taking care of my 2 sick babies to fill out paperwork.  Now, I understand that that is the policy and that you can't bend the rules for me, but I think it's a ridiculous policy"....man was I mad!  When I called to vent about it to my mom she informed me that life as a parent is filled with fighting the system on behalf of your children.  Maybe next time I can do it without getting so snippy.  Lady at the board, if you're reading this, I apologize.  But I still think the policy is ridiculous.
Specific Prayer
  • Penelope to keep doing so exceptionally well
  • Penelope's hernia to heal on it's own and for it not to be painful for her
  • Penelope's little back issue to be nothing
  • Lydia's heartburn to go away
  • Lydia to continue taking full feeds from the bottle or from Bethany
Mommy Penelope bonding time

Lydia and Panda Pal bonding time (she actually held it's hand...paw...whatever)

Penny and her glowworm doll...used for size comparison

Lydia with her glowworm

Lydia trying to sneak out

Lydia and her MahMah

Lydia with her Daddy and her YehYeh

 Penny's little cry is hoarse after the extubation but it's music to our ears!

"I've got my eye on you" -Penny

"I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it" -Penny

Penny's pretty eyes

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