21 February 2011

2.21 - Una Bomba De Fotos - Muy Grande!

Lydia - 2121g  (4 lbs 10 oz)     Penny - 1380g  ( 3 lbs .6 oz)

It's official!  Lydia is going home tomorrow!!!!! Barring any unforeseen situations.  She's taking her feeds well and gaining weight.  Penny is staying steady with her bottle feeding and is gaining weight overall.  Sometimes her diuretics throw off her weight a little but we can tell everyday that she's getting bigger and bigger!  Today, Penny was also changed from the high flow oxygen (with heat and humidity added) to a regular one (without the upgrades) and so far she's doing really well.  What a big girl! Penny has her spinal and head ultrasounds tomorrow and will be checked out by a surgeon to see about her hernias (it looks like she has 2 inguinal hernias) and what the plan will be with those.  Other than that, Jonathan and I are just trying not to freak out about this new phase of preemies.  Our normal is about to change.  Again.

Specific Prayer
  • Everything to go smoothly with Lydia's being discharged
  • Lydia to not request a new family once she realizes that she's stuck with us
  • Penelope to continue to eat well and breathe well (her lungs are still holding some fluid)
  • Penelope's ultrasounds to show nothing abnormal 
  • Penelope's hernias to repair themselves or for the surgery to be in a few months and to go smoothly

 Penny sportin her new decorations

 Lydia escaping her Mommy's less than spectacular swaddling

 Mommy Penny bonding time

 We hurt Penny's feelings when we told her she was stinky...but she really did smell like cheese
 Our new twin-toting vehicle...what a huge blessing

 Lydia chatting with her lamby

 Daddy Penny bonding time

 "ooooo...this tastes gooood"

 Pappaw told a joke

 Lydia doesn't think my joke was funny

 Penny's wall of love

 Lydia loving her swing...thanks to the Forrest Spence Fund for providing it!

Daddy Lydia bonding time 

Lydia's new crib

 Glimpse into NICU life
Penny taking matters into her own hands

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