19 February 2011


Lydia - 2060  ( 4 lbs 8 oz)          Penny - 1420 (3 lbs 2 oz...oh yea...broke the 3 lb mark)

Today has been decidedly better.  Lydia is back on full bottle or breast feeding and has had her NG tube removed.  It looks like if she keeps this pace she should be coming home on Tuesday or Wednesday.  I think she just wanted to give me another day to find lamps and rugs for the nursery!

Penny is taking her bottles well and is breathing much better.  Penny was starting to look puffy and her right lung had some fluid so she was put on diuretics and that seems to make a big difference.  We've all had a lovely evening feeding, kangaroo-ing, bathing, and just enjoying being together.  Thank you for all of the prayers.

Photos to come in the next post....we promise

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Beth said...

Praise God! I check up on you all once every day or so and I am so excited for the girls' continued growth.