24 February 2011

02.24 Update

Well, maybe it's clear by our lack of update, but things have been a bit busier with little miss Lydibug home.  It's a good kind of busy though.  Lydia is adjusting wonderfully to life in the real world.  We've had doctor's appointments both mornings she's been home.  Eye doctor yesterday and pediatrician today. Both appointments went well, and I can't explain the pride I had walking into a public place with her in the carseat.  I felt like "hey everybody!  she's here!  aren't you excited?!?!"...but no one seemed quite as excited as I thought they would be. Oh well, their loss.  Her eyes are actually improving (zone 3 from zone 2..for those of you who get what that means) and she weighted 5 lbs even today!  She's waking up every 3 hours hungry and eating really well, burping really well, and pooping really well. We're so proud.  It's so much more natural feeling than I expected.  It's like she's where she belongs. Because she is.

Penny is holding steady. Literally.  She's still tachypnic and has been losing and gaining weight to the point that she's just maintaining (1400 g today).  She looked bigger to me when I went to see her today,  but her weight is the same.  She's really starting to look more like Lydia everyday.  Because of her tachypnea she can't take her bottle feedings.  They've done an x-ray so hopefully that will shed some light (get it? rays...light) on the cause of the breathing issues.  She also was seen by the surgical team and they've decided that her two inguinal hernias will need surgery before she goes home. They anticipate her growing enough in the few weeks left that she'll be able to handle the surgery. So, rather than Pedi-flight her to Germantown and then back to Lebonheur, she'll stay at Lebonheur until she comes home.  This will be a little farther away from us, but it won't make it any easier to leave Lydia even if it is a slightly shorter drive to Germantown.  Plus, because of our extended time there, we've made such great relationships with the staff (everybody from doctors to maintenance).  So much so that they stop in and check on, dote on, and care for Penelope even when we're not there. What a blessing. What a comfort.

I could write pages and pages about all the emotions we've been feeling the past few days.  It still wouldn't cover it.  The main emotion is joy but it's weighed down with the feeling of being torn.  Once again, every moment of bliss with Lydia makes me wish we could do the same with Penelope.  And one day we will.  But today, we took a walk. Just Jonathan, Eliza, Me, and Lydia.  We all missed Penny.  Maybe we should look at it as a chance to have one on one time with Lydia and also a time to look forward to a time with Penny soon.  The truth is, it will be no time before we're all together and we'll be craving alone time with each of them.  It's all about perspective.  Jonathan went to see Penny yesterday and had a few hours of dedicated time with her.  I got to go today and do the same.  So I guess that's the silver lining.  We are focused on each girl when we are with them. Which in the end is good for everybody.

Specific Prayer
  • Penelope's hernias to not need surgery until she's big enough to handle it
  • Penelope to start to gain weight and turn the next corner and get home soon
  • Lydia to be safe from germs that would be harmful for her
  • Lydia to continue to grow and thrive
  • Jonathan and me to handle everything emotionally
Just a few pictures of Penny and her favorite doctors.

 Penny trying to look pitiful

 Dr Goodwin-Samson

Dr Ravi

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