16 February 2011

2.15 - Big Girl Day

Lydia - 1986 (4lbs 6 oz)   Penny - 1330 (2lbs 14 oz)

We had a big day today.  Or should I say a "big girl" day.  When we called to check on Lydia in the middle of the night the nurse told us she was waiting on a crib. A real life baby crib with no added heat!  That means that Lydia totally sailed through holding her temp up and went straight to a big girl bed with clothes on and swaddled up.  She even has a mobile!   I can't even begin to describe how gratifying it is to hear your baby cry, walk over, pick her up, and calm her down.  Its amazing.  She's also doing very well at feeding (from all bottle or breast..no more NG tube!) so most of the time when she cries she's either hungry or needs a new diaper.  Like a REAL baby! Something I'm sure I would have taken for granted if we hadn't been walking down such a difficult road.  So I'm grateful for the opportunity to appreciate every little thing!

Speaking of little things, Penelope is doing very well.  Her bilirubin continues to come down slowly and her activity level is coming up.  She's often very bright eyed these days, even if those eyes do look a little yellow.  She's packing on the grams with her extra fortified milk.  She's getting her breastmilk fortified to 27 calories.  Which sounds like a tiny bit to us, but when you calculate it (I say you because I can't) as compared to her body weight that's HUGE.  She's getting 3 extra bottles of 5 ccs each, just to "baby step" her into full bottle feeds.  And once she gets to 1500 grams she should be able to keep her temperature up like Lydia mastered today.

Now, in regards to the "h" word (for those of a you a little behind, it rhymes with Rome, foam, and depending on where you're from, poem) we were a bit surprised today when the doctor (Our favorite one who was with us when we got here...yay) said that Lydia could be able to go home as early as Thursday (this was on Tuesday), possibly Friday, but most likely Monday.  WHAT?!?!  YOU MEAN THEY'RE GONNA LET US TAKE THEM HOME?!?!?!  After I freaked out, I realized that all she really needs are diapers, bottles, and a safe place to sleep.  We have all of these things (for now anyway) so we don't necessarily need the art up on the wall in the nursery or everything perfectly organized...but we just thought we had a little bit more time!  As I'm sitting here I realize that tomorrow (which is technically today since I'm writing this at 5:30 am) is their 2 month mark.  And all along we were saying 2-3 months.  We just didn't think it would go so quickly!  I guess we'll be saying that for the rest of our lives.  When they start to walk, go to kindergarten, go to prom..etc.  We'll probably always be amazed that God gave us these girls and that time flies so quickly. 

Specific Prayer
  • Everything to fall into place for us to get Lydia h...I mean...you know
  • Penny to continue to do well and catch up with Lydia and get to go...to the zoo...yea...the zoo
  • Us to be able to focus on enjoying every moment, rather than freaking out!

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