18 February 2011


by Bethany Chu from iamknittogether.blogspot.com

Lydia -  2040 (4 lbs 8 oz)       Penny - 1340 (2 lbs 15 oz)

I guess our updates will start to miss a few days here and there as this journey gets much less N-I-C-U and more N-I-C-E! 

Lydia continues to do well in her big girl bed and is keeping her temperature up. We're doing all of the pre-discharge things and getting very excited.  Excited and scared to death...but more excited.  We had our infant CPR class today, so we're set there.  Lydia had to pass a carseat challenge yesterday and did wonderfully. Basically it's to make sure she can hold her head up enough to breath well in the car seat.   She also passed her hearing test and got her 2 month immunizations today and we're hoping she sails through those and can go home on Monday! Right now she's a good bit on the fussy side.  Today she was put on a "she can have however much she wants to eat" plan, so we should see that weight just keep climbing.  She also got a mobile with her new bed and really loves it.  She'll watch the animals spin around, and of course she loves the music.  Naturally.

Penny is steadily gaining weight, her bilrubin is going down, and she's taking her small bottle feedings pretty well.  They were upped to 10 ccs 3 times a day, in addition to her regular 23 ccs every 3 hours.  She's still working on her suck/swallow/breath but enjoys trying to figure it out.  She's still on her oxygen canula but most of the time is on room air with 2.5L pressure.  Today they weaned her to 2L but this afternoon she started breathing really quickly (tachypnea) so they upped her pressure again and it seems to be helping a little. If this update seems short it's because as soon as I'm finished I'm going to kangaroo with her to see if that will help calm her down.  We'll see!

Specific Prayer
  • Lydia to handle her immunizations well and not have a set back
  • Lydia's discharge plans to go smoothly
  • Penelope's tachypnea to resolve
  • Penelope to keep growing and to not have any more complications!
  • Jonathan and I to focus on the joy of bringing babies home and not to worry

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