26 February 2011


By Bethany Chu from iamknittogether.blogspot.com

Things we've learned in the past few days.
  1. Mylicon is a beautiful thing (baby gas relief drops)
  2. Sleep is not necessary
  3. Lydia looooves her Boppy seat with the heartbeat sound
  4. Lydia loooooves to wiggle her arms out of swaddling
  5. Penelope looks adorable in clothes
  6. Penelope loooooves to be swaddled (therefore covering up the clothes..but what she wants she gets right now)
  7. God still has strength left to give us when we run out
We've been taking turns going to see Penelope and she looks bigger to us every time even though she's still either maintaining or losing weight the past few days (run on sentence? yes. do i care? no.).  Her tachypnea has gotten better, but she was put back on the high flow oxygen because she kept having desating issues.  When the night shift nurse came on duty she suctioned out a HUUUGE..uh...shall we say...mucus extravaganticus...and her sats got better. She's still on the high flow but I fully expect her to be off of it soon. Mostly because I don't think she needed it in the first place.  The BIG news of the day is that Penny is destined for a big girl bed! She's not in one yet, but she's out of her heated giraffe bed and is holding her temperature nicely with clothes on and swaddled up.  I'm so excited!  It's a definite positive move.  Now she just has to get her breathing together, and start taking her bottles again.  These are to big hurdles, but big hurdles are nothing to our little Penelope and her big God.

Lydia continues to adjust well to being at home.  Jonathan and I are having so much fun learning her every grunt and grimace.  Some of them are important and some of them are just funny.  She' loves her mobile and (as mentioned above) her Boppy papazan chair that has a heartbeat sound.  She slept like a rock in it today.  She didn't sleep well in our quiet room for the first few nights.  I guess it was just too quiet.  We just can't wait to have both of our girls home so that we can get settled into the chaos that is our new life.  As a mother of twins told me today, the order is baby, bed, then bath.  So for me, ponytails are totally in this season! 

On a completely different note, and speaking of notes, I'm trying my hardest to eek in a few thank you notes whenever I can.  If you've given something for the girls, cooked something, done something, or just been awesome, and haven't received a thank you note, please know that that is in no way indicative of the level of our gratitude for you.  There's a good chance you'll get a thank you note...and there's a good chance you won't.   Please don't take offense either way.  What a wonderful blessing it is to have TOO MANY thank you notes to write!

Ok...Jonathan has Lydia, one of our favorite nurses has Penny, and I am going to bed.

Specific Prayer
  • Penelope's breathing to improve and for her to be off of oxygen before we know it!
  • Penelope to do well with keeping her temp up (as her daddy says....she needs to be a hottie)
  • Penelope to get stronger and to gain weight at a faster rate
  • Lydia to sleep, eat, and grow well
  • Lydia to be protected from any illnesses
  • Jonathan and me (and our moms who have tirelessly been helping us) to have supernaturally restorative rest

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Jessica said...

glad everything is going well on the homefront. still praying for Penny!!