05 January 2011

01.04 - Massive Photo Bomb! Boom!

We had a pretty good day today with both girls.  Bethany and I went home to get some rest, last night and took our time getting out this morning.  We're so happy to be here at Le Bonheur tonight with Penny.  For more info for today go to Bethany's Blog

Click on any of the pics to view it in full size.

Our living accommodations at Le Bonheur. It's like sleeping on a bunk in the bus but a little more open! 

 Penny's Giraffe Bed (this is why it's called a giraffe bed! The lid pops straight up)

Penny right before her getting her CPAP. our first time to see her without a assisted breathing device.

Penny getting her CPAP

 It was tough going back to The Pavilion not seeing Penny there.

 Lydia's hand

Penny's empty bed.

 the first night Bethany got to Kangaroo care with Lydia.  Lydia in transport from bed to Bethany

Tears of joy for finally getting to hold one our girls for the first time.

 Psalms 22:9-10

my first time to get to hold Lydia

Kangaroo day 2

Happy New Year with Penelope!

Lydia giving us some big eye time for the new year.

our poor Penny is all wrapped up in so many things, it's hard to believe there's a tiny person under all of that equipment.  We love our little Penny.

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