06 January 2011

01.06.11 Evening Update

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Success! Kind of.  We've got both girls at Lebonheur! But they're in different rooms.  The reasoning is that Lydia will be having her ductul ligation surgery tomorrow and because it will be done in her room they want to reduce the risk of infection by keeping Penny in her original room until after the surgery.  So, Jonathan and I are enjoying being able to walk down the hall to see our other girl rather than drive across town to do so!  We'll just have to figure out which room we'll sleep in for the night.  They call this twin room the "penthouse" for good reason! it's HUGE! Still has the same number of chairs and things, but we could practice our cartwheels in here if we wanted to (although it's not advisable for me for a few more weeks).

Both girls are doing well.  Penelope's blood sugars are acting more stable.  They did take a little dip last night about 2 hours after getting her shot, so they're watching closely to make sure it doesn't take any larger dips.  We asked whether that meant that she didn't need the insulin and Dr. Goodwin-Sampson said that if her levels continue to stay stable they will start to cut back slowly on the insulin and see how she responds and maybe, just maybe, she won't be on it by the time we leave.  Maybe.  Today she had her arm IVs removed so the armboards were taken off too so her little hands are free!!!  It's so wonderful to feel her little hands squeeze our fingers again.  She seems much happier.  Although a nurse that was doing something with her this morning said that Penny slapped her hand away....so we may have to employ the armboards again to protect the nurses!

Lydia has been having fewer but more severe desats which is completely normal with her HUGE ductus.  Hopefully her surgery tomorrow will correct that.  Other than that she's doing wonderfully as far as I know.  She tolerated the transport well and is hanging out in her fancy new bed that matches Penny's.  It's a really nice bed and you can look straight through the top of it so no matter which way they're turned we can see them.  There's something very therapeutic about being able to see your baby.

They just told me I get to kangaroo with Penny so I'm gonna go!!! 

Specific Prayers :

  • Praise for the Lord's continued miracles 
  • Safety for Lydia's surgery tomorrow
  • Stability for Penny's blood sugars
  • Wisdom for the doctors
  • Rest, Peace and Faith for us
Thank you so very much.

 The Chus


Rockermom said...

thanks for the update. Much love and prayers going out for both of the girls and the rest of the family. Be blessed!

Anonymous said...

Still keeping you guys in prayer. Thank you for the updates!!