10 January 2011

01.10 Update

Penelope - 830g      Lydia-  1160g

Good news all around for rounds this morning.  Penelope's blood sugars are staying even more stable than they were on the insulin, she's going off her IV nutrition (TPN) and going to fortified breastmilk with some additional IV fluids, and she's slowly needing her CPAP less and less!

Lydia seems much more calm, although she still throws a fit occasionally.  I really think she's just hungry because she was on 9cc/3hr before her surgery and she hasn't had any food in her tummy for days now!  They're starting her back on feeds as soon as the orders get written so she should be a happier camper soon.

About their weights, it's a funny thing.  It takes quite a bit of doing to get Penelope's CPAP off and all her dressings to get an accurate weight, so they don't do it every night.  And with Lydia she was so volatile with her fits that if she was calm we didn't dare wake her up!  So it doesn't get done everyday. Also, with the fluctuation of fluids and stopping feeds and starting feeds...etc...it's not at a steady climb of weight yet, but Dr Goodwin Sampson told us not to worry about that. They're doing well.

For today, we're all doing well!  Praise the Lord!!!  Here are a few treats for you :)  All I did was step out to take a shower and missed this moment!  At least Jonathan is quick with the camera.

Lydia having a fit with Jonathan trying to calm her down
Penny in a rare CPAP adjustment moment when we get a glimpse of her face (no, she doesn't have rabies)

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