27 January 2011

1.26 Uber Massive Photo Bomb! Kablam! (56k warning)

Yeah that's right... i used 56k warning 
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(pictures from 01.19-01.22)

Little Penny

 Lifting my crazy heavy daughter

 Holding Lydia after Bethany washed her for our first time.

No, I'm not happy about holding my baby.

The hoss of the two and still so tiny.

We know it's just gas but she makes some pretty awesome faces!


 Hair bow day!

Picture time with Penelope. Awake and looking at mom.

 Our tiny baby.

First day to Kangaroo without her PICC line!!  One step closer to wires free!

She's our escape artist... sneaking her way to the end of the isolette.

No paparazzi! 

Dear Jesus, may I have awesome hair, finger nails and for this stinkin machine to shove off.

First time for me to kangaroo Lydia!!  Overwhelmed by emotions right here.

Trying not to cry and smile.

Relishing in the newfound feeling of actually being a parent.

Close to being done and not wanting to let go.

My last ten minutes ended with a nap of course!

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Ari said...

Oh, Jonathan, so special! I'm bringing dinner on Monday so I'll finally get to see you guys again! Yay!