18 January 2011

My Kid's Definitely Cuter

Lydia sometimes gets the hiccups.

The past two days have been relatively quiet with a few adjustments here and there.

Penny, still on the oscillator is every day fighting to get off the machine. Her blood gases have been floating in the normal range with a few high pH's. She has her desat moments and has to go up and down on the O2 settings but she spends most of the time floating around 24%. She's still hanging with the vancomycin but as of tonight, her second blood culture has turned up nothing!! Yay!!! She'll continue to be on the antibiotic for 7-10 days, which she's been through at least half those days already.  

Lydia has had a few A&B sessions the past few days but the nurses all say that it's fairly common for preemies even though she's been responding really well to most things that she's been put up to.  She's completely off of nasal canula!!  Woo hoo!  The times that she has her big sessions are when she clamps down and forgets to breathe and then her vitals tank.  We go lift her up real quick, tilt her forward and rub on her chest to get her to start working those lungs again.  She's continuing nicely on her feeds and we still wait to see what she does with those poops.  We're also still grateful to get the opportunity to kangaroo every day!

Speaking of kangaroo... during kangaroo time today we had a very interesting guest.  Along with a number of his colleagues and aids, the PCC Mrs. Thompson, and some other Le Bonheur specialties, we got to meet Joe Leonard Jr. - Asst. Secretary for Civil Rights at the Department of Agriculture.  He was in town, i believe, for MLK events at the Civil Rights Centre and had wanted to stop by to see LeBonheur.  Our PCC gave them a tour and while walking by our room, was explaining the twin room to them and a little about us.  I asked Bethany if she wanted to invite them in since she was kangarooing (it can be a bit exposing if not carefully covered) and she said yes.  We met Mr. Leonard, who was very kind and cordelle, and he asked us how we liked being at Le Bonheur.  We gave our honest praises and gratitudes for this amazing place and he was glad to hear it.  And as soon as they arrived, they were gone.  I hadn't even thought about a picture until it was too late but it was a very unique moment for our memory book!  

And now... i should probably rest.  

But seriously.  My kid's way cuter. 

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