28 January 2011

1.28 Update

(by Bethany from http://iamknittogether.blogspot.com)

Penny - 1080 (2 lbs 6 oz)    Lydia - 1500 (3 lbs 5 oz)

Just a quick update on our relatively quiet day.  Penny FINALLY got moved next to Lydia last night while we were at home.  It was really wonderful to come in and find our two little girls closer together.  Lydia's been stable today and got her feeds increased again. She's at 28cc every 3 hours.   That's almost an ounce!  We had another date with the lactation consultant today and that went well too.  She's not ready for full breastfeeding yet but we're "baby steppin"...get it?  cause she's a baby?!...oh well

Penelope has been doing pretty well although she's still very very touchy.  Too much talking or much touching at all and she'll drop her sats (oxygen saturation).  I was really hoping to get to hold her today but the doctor wisely said we should wait a few more days for her to settle down.  The good news is she's off all of her antibiotics because her repeat cultures never grew anything. She's also off of her dopamine (which was helping her get some of that fluid off) and is still peeing well on her own.  The thing that's the hardest for Jonathan and me is that she still seems so uncomfortable.  Then again, you would be too if you had a tube shoved down your throat...not to mention missing out of the last 3 months of the best time in anyone's life!

Overall it was a pretty good day!

Specific Prayer:

  • Penelope's moving towards extubation 
  • The cause of Penelope's discomfort to be clear or go away
  • Lydia's moving towards breastfeeding
  • Both protection from NEC
  • Rest, Wisdom, and Endurance for us
Lots of Love and Appreciation

The Chus

P.S. There is shower being planned for the girls that will be happening on February the 13th.  They've threatened to beat me up if I don't mention something here to make sure all who wish to attend are able to.  If you would like more information just email me.  There, now they won't beat me up. ;)

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