16 January 2011

01.16 Update

(by Bethany from http://iamknittogether.blogspot.com)

Everybody's favorite Chus (Lydia and Penelope of course) would like to thank everyone from the bottom of their tiny and surgically repaired hearts for the prayers and support they've received.  If they were able to type they would say so I'm sure.  For now you'll have to trust me.

Penelope is still on the road to recovery after her surgery.  It's been a little tougher for her than it was for Lydia as she's had to have a few doses of pain medicine to keep her calm.  She's still on the oscillator and slowly but steadily being weaned and tolerating it pretty well.  She was started back on small feeds that will be increased over the next few days which should make her a happier camper.  Her third blood transfusion went in yesterday so that should make her feel a bit better too.  Her little cheeks are starting to fill out a little more everyday and she's still not afraid to use her arms as weapons at any nurse/respiratory therapist/lab tech who dares to disturb her.  She's starting to get a reputation!  The best news of all is that the endocrinology team here put her on once a day blood sugar checks because she's been holding so steady without any insulin.  This is a HUGE praise!  That transient congenital diabetes never knew what hit it!  I must have been Penny's arm!

Lydia.......drum roll please.......pooped!  Twice!  She's an over-achiever.  Her feeds were increased and she's had very little or no residual (left over milk in her tummy from the last feed when it's time for the next one) so it looks like her little system figured things out.  There's something very intimate about thanking the Lord for poop.  So join me in doing just that.  She's also been off of her oxygen for almost 2 days now.  I didn't want to say anything before for fear of jinxing it...we were even referring to it being O-F-F around her so she wouldn't "know".  Her canula's been completely taken off and the only tube she has left on her pretty little face is her feeding tube which goes in her nose.  We're really very excited about this milestone being reached, mostly because I personally didn't expect it to come so soon!

On a more personal note, I plan to return to work on Friday (not full time, probably 1-2 times a week) in order to keep from going on official maternity leave until the girls come home.  I'm already finding it difficult to juggle in my heart all of the things that come with having preemie twins in the hospital and I'm not sure if going back to work will be a welcome distraction or if it will be just way more than I can handle.  I've already been jumping on the "grumpy train" more times that I'd prefer and would like to figure out how to manage this stress without it turning me into a basket case.  Today's plan of attack (POA) was church, food, nap, then go to the hospital.  It worked pretty well.  Yesterday's POA was chocolate ice-cream and crying.  That worked too.  It seems the theme were is flexibility....and food.

Briefly about food...we have TONS.  Don't worry about us not eating.  We have almost as many leftovers as we have adorable pink outfits!  We'll let you know if we start to run low :) 

Specific Prayer:
  • Penny's comfort and peace as she's healing
  • Penny weaning off of the oscillator
  • Penny tolerating more feeds
  • Penny's bloodsugars to stay stable
  • Lydia tolerating feeds better
  • Lydia to remain off her oxygen
  • Both protection from NEC
  • Both strength and growth
  • Bethany staying off the "grumpy train"
  • Jonathan protection from Bethany and the aforementioned train

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