21 January 2011

1.21 Update

(by Bethany from http://iamknittogether.blogspot.com)

Today has been a relatively big day for both girls in a good way! Penny was taken off of her fentonyl that has been keeping her somewhat sedated.  We've had a few open eye times and a lot more moving around.  Her chest x-ray showed no pulmonary edema and Dr Ravi said that if she can get weaned to a certain point on the oscillator that she could go back to the vent!  They're checking one more blood culture from her PICC line to make sure that that is the source of her infection before removing it. We're hoping that it isn't the PICC because she'll have to get another PICC once the infection is cleared anyway because she still is on IV nutrition as well as other medications that can't be given by mouth. I'm pretty sure that was a runon sentence. 

Lydia, on the other hand, had her PICC line removed today because she doesn't need it anymore!  She's completely on breastmilk through her NG (nasogastric) tube and her caffeine is now being given to her PO (by mouth).  She's a big girl now!  She also had her first attempt at practice breastfeeding.  She did really well and even latched on a couple of times.  The feedings will have to be done by bottle first to see how she handles that kind of feeding and then we'll transition to full breastfeeding.  It was really a thrill for me to be able to do something only mommies and babies can do. Precious times.

That's all the news for today!

Specific Prayer:
  • Penelope's infection to clear up and for her to feel better
  • Penelope's being weaned off the oscillator and onto the conventional ventilator
  • Lydia to continue to improve and not need any meds through IV
  • Lydia to continue to tolerate feedings and have regular stools (sounds better than poop)
  • Jonathan and me to continue holding on to the Lord for strength
  The Chus

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