23 January 2011

Happy Month Birthday! 01.22

It's truthfully hard to believe that my girls are a month old.  They've officially hit 33weeks on Tues. and there getting bigger every day.  It feels like we've had them for much longer than that already but at the same time, it's felt so short!!

We've had a really calm day today in the world of the girls.  This afternoon though we had a wonderful baby shower for the girls at our friend's house today and got to spend some time connecting with our non-medical personal friends.  We're so grateful for all of their kindness.


  • Trucking along fine and dandy.  She fed well today and had some nice poopy diapers!  
  • We're continuing to watch for any signs of NEC but so far there haven't been any.
  • Bethany got to kangaroo today! But not just Bethany, I got to have my first kangaroo session with her!  It was absolutely the greatest feeling I've ever had.  Holding my child on my chest for the first time ever.  Definitely a moment, I'll never forget.  Can't wait to hold her again!

  • Hasn't had a lot happen today in the world of the oscillator.  She's still floating up and down on her O2 levels but hopefully working her way down.  
  • She responded a bit this morning to us, talking to her, reading her a story and praying with her, which are signs that she's aware.
  • Her antibiotic has been change to a more specific one to help give her kidney's a break
  • The bug that was growing in her tube and has been identified and the antibiotic is the same still for that.
We're going to go to church tomorrow which is always good for our weary souls.  I'll make sure to have a nice big photo bomb tomorrow!

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